Bloom BBQ Tips & Recipes

Cooking over coals just makes food taste great.  Mastering the age-old technique of barbecuing is not complicated – it just needs attention to detail.


  1. Know your barbecue before you use it for entertaining. Have a trial run for the family, working out cooking times and when the heat is best.
  1. Buy good quality equipment, flimsy tools will need replacing and are not economical in the long run.  Most important are long-handled tongs for turning the food, make sure you can control them easily as many of them are ungainly and give the user little control.
  1. Layer charcoal wider than the size of the food to be cooked. Leave the charcoal to burn undisturbed for 30-45 minutes, or until the flames have died and a film of fine white ash covers the surface of the coals.
  1. To control the heat, spread out the embers for less heat, or pile them together for more heat  Have a water spray handy and drench flare ups as they occur – charcoal barbecue only.
  1. Placing a bundle of fresh herbs over the coals produces a great flavour.
  1. Joints are best pre-cooked in the oven. Finish off on the barbecue.
  1. Olive oil in the marinade adds flavour and ensures that the meat won’t stick to the grill.  Avoid sweet, sugar-rich sauces that are almost guaranteed to burn.
  1. Cook over very hot coals, to sear the surface, turning pieces of meat quickly at first to seal in the juices, before cooking further.
  1. Make sure the meat is of even thickness throughout. Bone legs of lamb and trim off the excess fat which will drip onto the coals and cause smoke.
  1. Be very organised before you start, planning well and preparing any side dishes or garnishes before you grill.