Early Summer Gardening Tips

May has finally arrived, and now is the time to make the most of that ‘grand stretch’ in the evenings, the extra sun on our backs and the ground that has sprung to life. Can you see all that hard work from Spring showing in your garden? Here are our GroMór Top 10 May essential jobs – Irish weather means you have to prepare for both sunshine and frost but don’t worry, we have you covered!

1. Spray roses regularly to protect them from diseases especially in the damper parts of the country after our Irish wet weather so prevention is key. Not sure what spray to use? One of our GroMór experts are on hand to help. Find your nearest store here.

2. Plant your bedding plants, but only if the weather is not too cold!

3. Re-pot your house plants in new soil to freshen them up.

4. Is your grass more lean than green? If it’s not growing well nourish it with a specially formulated lawn feed – you can pick one up in your local GroMór centre.

5. It’s perfect salad weather so try sowing vegetables such as lettuce, radish, carrots, peas, french beans, cauliflower and parsley. Bonus tip – stagger your lettuce planting so you will always have a steady fresh supply!

6. It might be Summer but frost can still be an unwelcome visitor to your garden. Listen for weather forecasts warning of nasty frosts.

7. Nourish that Summer colour – apply a slow release fertiliser to your planted containers and pots.

8. Spud love: Your early potatoes should be pushing their shoots through the ground, so draw more soil around them to protect them from our Irish weather. Read more potato tips here.

9. Enjoy the sunshine, but watch out for houseplants getting too much sun on windowsills during long stints of sunshine. Move them to the shade if over exposed.

10. Prune your hedges into shape- don’t forget to brush away those trimmings to prevent the spread of disease.

Finally, don’t forget it’s not all hard work and no play. Be sure to enjoy your garden – you have earned it! Pour a cold drink, grab that BBQ and take the time to savour it.