Instagram Live Craft Beer & Farmhouse Cheese Tasting

We’re very lucky here in Ireland to have two wonderful complementary industries in farmhouse cheese and craft beer, whose products can be paired together for the simplest of snacks, a delicious meal or even for a dedicating tasting session to wow your senses.

Irish craft beer and farmhouse cheeses are linked by having the very simplest of ingredients which are transformed in the hands of the brewers and the cheesemakers, and through the fermentation process, to give us products which reflect the characters of the makers, the ingredients, and the landscape. It is often said of pairing food and drinks that what grows together goes together and this is most certainly the case with our beers and cheeses here in Ireland.

Tune in to Bord Bia Bloom’s Instagram Live on Sunday May 31st at 5pm with the GastroGays and Susan Boyle. They will dive into a gorgeous selection of Irish cheese and beer, discover some cheese and beer tasting etiquette and determine which ones are a match made in heaven, and you can join along too!

What you need to join in:

In advance of the tasting, we encourage you to buy the following Irish cheeses and beers:


You can buy from your preferred vendor or directly from some of the many cheese and beer producers listed on Bord Bias’ website.


Matches made in heaven:

  • Light beers such as lagers pair best with milder and soft cheeses
  • Hoppy beers such as IPAs pair best with fuller flavoured goat or sheep’s cheese, or hard cheeses
  • Malty beers such as red ales pair best with fuller flavoured nutty hard cheeses
  • Dark beers, stouts and porters work well with strong hard cheeses or blues
  • Strong beers need very full flavoured robust cheeses


To find out more about how to match and taste your cheese and beer, along with its all-important etiquette, download our handy guide here.


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