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Nóra Tombor

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About the Garden - Small Garden

The concept of this garden reflects a movement to transform traditional manicured lawns often seen in gardens, towards a wilder, more natural space. Beginning with a practical, well-tended lawn, the garden transitions into a landscape dominated by lush, diverse planting in a naturalistic style. This progression symbolises the shift towards embracing biodiversity and creating a space where people live in harmony with wildlife.

Pollinator-friendly plants and habitat structures invite insects and birds into the garden. Reclaimed brick pavers and upcycled timber reduce the environmental impact but also add character to the space, where each element tells its own unique story. The pathway, transitioning from structured to fragmented, reflects this movement towards a wilder landscape.

Key features like a swing-seat and insect habitats built from recycled timber blend into the natural atmosphere. These playful features inspire creativity and encourage visitors to incorporate similar sustainable elements in their own gardens.

About the Designer

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Nóra Tombor

Designer Information

Nóra Tombor is one of two emerging designers to win this year’s Cultivating Talent initiative, sponsored by Westland Horticulture.

A landscape architect with Griffin Landscape Architecture, Nóra is passionate about creating spaces on various scales that address the challenges posed by modern lifestyles, disconnection from nature, and a rapidly changing climate. Her mission is to encourage people to reconnect with nature and have a positive impact on the environment while enriching their life. This is Nóra’s first Bord Bia Bloom show garden.

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Nóra Tombor

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