The Best Indoor Plants to Bring the Outdoor Inside

As gardening season draws to a close, we’re hoping to inspire you to bring the life and colour from the garden, into your home. Pat Keville, Horticulturist and Owner of, shares his insights on which indoor plants can add some vibrancy to any dwelling.

When it comes to indoor plants, Carnations and Azaleas have always been popular. The interesting fact about both is that they are not actually traditionally indoor plants. They have been hybridised over the years and can be kept indoors when flowering and then transferred outside.

For a true indoor plant you can’t go wrong with a Begonia Rex or Flowering Begonia. They add a beautiful splash of colour to a home and thrive in well-lit areas like a windowsill. They are low maintenance and only require watering every two to three weeks. Over-watering is the biggest culprit in the demise of houseplants so it is a good idea to ask for advice from staff when purchasing your plants.

Another gorgeous indoor plant is the elegant Phalaenopsis Orchid. They are extremely easy to look after and can flower for years if properly tended to. Orchids are grown beside trees where the arm is attached to the trunk, which means that they are always moist but never too wet. If you can replicate this environment at home and keep the bark moist then you are on the right track and your plant should have some longevity. The clear pot that orchids are often sold in should help you spot when you need to water it. If the bark is dark and the clear pot feels heavy, it doesn’t require water. If not, sit the orchid in one or two inches of water within an outer ceramic pot. And finally, the secret to a happy orchid is to keep it in one place as they don’t like to move around. A windowsill is best but preferably not a south-facing window, which can be too warm.