GIY at bloom

GIY at Bloom

Every year GIY hits the road and heads to Bloom in the Park with a colourful and creative display of their community, school and home growing projects, along with a huge stretch tent for holding GIY Food Matters Q&A sessions. For the past eight years GIY have created an inspiring and engaging space for important discussions about food growing, health and sustainability.

Since 2016 GIY have brought “Food Matters” to Bloom, an exciting and informative brand of panel discussions based around topical food issues. At Bloom 2020, GIY will be hosting a series of talks and debates on the pressing food issues of the day with a variety of expert panelists representing different viewpoints on specific food-related issues. With some of Ireland’s most esteemed food writers, chefs, activists, journalists and business people joining our panel, once again it will be educational, engaging and entertaining daily debates taking place underneath the tent at Bloom.

Join the immersive and educational food growing hub in Dublin’s Phoenix Park to learn how a ‘GIY lifestyle’ is accessible to everyone, regardless of skill level or space available. GIY invites you to step inside their GIY zone for plenty of growing inspiration, important conversations about food issues and hands-on food growing opportunities for both little ones and adults in the unique area of the pop-up gardens.