A Chothú agus a Chosaint

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Garden Name
  • A Chothú agus a Chosaint

Garden Overview

A Chothú agus a Chosaint, ‘to Nurture and Protect’, captures the often-hazardous journey millions of displaced people are forced to make each year due to devastating circumstances beyond their control. Sponsored by GOAL and designed by Adrian Eggers of Living Design Landscapes’, the garden showcases the stark difference between a displaced family’s perilous circumstances and the security and hope GOAL can subsequently provide to these communities. The journey for those forced to flee their homes is tough, as represented by the unique tree sculpture (created by John Hogan) and the dry, lifeless and arid ground in the garden. The water demonstrates the force behind the movement, whether it be a natural disaster, conflict or brutality in their home. GOAL’s humanitarian work “nurturing and protecting” is illustrated by lustrous, dense flowers and plants, sourced from countries it works in, symbolising the help and safety it provides.