Early Cancer Detection is Key – Medium Show Garden

David Gallagher

Garden Sponsor

About the Garden - Medium Garden

This garden highlights the importance of early detection and the positive outcomes and higher survivorship rates when cancer is diagnosed early. It portrays the five most common cancers in Ireland, which are represented by striking stone columns.

The garden features a meandering path which represents the cancer journey. Along the path is a sculpture, representing hope and resilience, which then leads to a circular reflection area with a fire pit. A space to sit and talk, it symobolises the importance of conversations and community which the Marie Keating Foundation provides to people on a cancer journey.

The vibrant planting embodies the garden’s beauty, hope and positivity, which is in stark juxtaposition to the pathway. This reflects increased awareness and progress where – despite rising cancer rates – early detection, new treatments, and better supports from organisations like the Marie Keating Foundation are leading to better outcomes for cancer patients.

About the Designer

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David Gallagher

Designer Information

David Gallagher is a landscape architect based in Dublin. He always had an interest in the natural world, architecture, and design and chose landscape architecture as a profession as it is a wonderful combination of both.

David believes the roles of landscape architects and gardeners has never been more important. This was evident during the Covid-19 lockdowns when our amenity spaces and public areas became vital to our wellbeing.

This is David’s third show garden at Bord Bia Bloom. His first, An Gairdín Cuil, won a silver in 2012 and his second, Urban Roots Balcony, won a silver in 2023.

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David Gallagher

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