Easter Gardening Ideas 

Are you planning a spot of gardening this long weekend? OLIVER SCHURMANN of Mount Venus Nursery in Dublin, has some advice and it starts with getting your beds in order.

Easter is a peak period for nurseries across the country as many of us flock to local garden centres to pick up supplies for summer. But before you even think of buying a plant, Oliver Schurmann, co-founder of Mount Venus Nursery in Rathfarnham, Dublin, urges that you take time to get your garden in order first. 

Oliver Schurmann returns to Bord Bia Bloom this year 

‘Have your beds ready to go before you pick any plants,’ says Oliver. ‘Soil preparation is the most important thing you can do in your garden and that’s where you must invest your time and energy. If you are planning a new border you should dig the full bed first and really loosen up the soil. Remember, plants grow vertically so the deeper you go, the further the roots can grow.’ 

When creating a new border, Oliver recommends planting everything at the same time. ‘If you plant in different stages there is a chance that the older, more established plants will bully the new ones. However, if you plant them all together they will form a new community and grow happily beside each other,’ he explains. 

It is crucial, however, to pick plants that work well together and this is where the staff in your local garden centre or nursery can help, says Oliver. ‘They will know what plants will suit your conditions and how they will develop with other plants. They’ll also be able to advise when plants will bloom. It is so important to buy plants that flower at different times so you have interest throughout the seasons.’ 

In Bloom Now 

For immediate colour this weekend, Oliver recommends the pretty Pachyphragma macrophyllum which, with its clouds of white flowers and evergreen leaves, is in bloom now. ‘It’s a very easy going plant and grows in all conditions, whether in the sun or shade. If planted now it will give you another few weeks of flowers before building up over winter and coming back even stronger next February.’ A herbaceous perennial, Pachyphragma macrophyllum works well with Solomon’s seal (Polygonatum), which flowers in May and June, and members of the Brunnera family, suggests Oliver. 

Pachyphragma macrophyllum, image: Mount Venus Nursery 


Meet Oliver at Bord Bia Bloom 

Mount Venus will be participating in the new Nursery Village at Bloom this year and Oliver is looking forward to spending the weekend meeting visitors. ‘This year is going to be a little different as we will have a fantastic display but we won’t be selling plants on our stand so we will have more time to meet people, talk about plants and share our knowledge, which is what Bloom is all about. We want you to leave inspired and with more knowledge than when you came.’ 

Meet Oliver and see Mount Venus’ display at Bord Bia Bloom this June Bank Holiday weekend. Don’t forget to book your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment. You can buy them here.