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GOAL’s Global Garden

Tünde Perry

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About the Garden

GOAL’s Global Garden celebrates the diverse yet interconnected nature of our world by taking inspiration from the ecosystems, plants, and crops from the various regions that GOAL works in, including Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Ukraine. 

Here Latin America is represented by corn and beans, Africa is identified with sweet potato and sorghum, the Middle East is represented through olive trees, hazelnuts, and flax, while sunflowers symbolise Ukraine. The garden explores the similarities and differences in these plants, interweaving them within the planting scheme so that they can flourish together.

The olive trees and sunflowers signify the garden’s themes of hope and resilience. At the centre, a woven pergola made from Irish willow holds the sections together and represents the solidarity and support needed for a fair, inclusive, and sustainable future. 

About the Designer

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Tünde Perry

Designer Information

Tünde Perry has always been passionate about nature. On arriving in Ireland, she changed careers and started maintaining gardens. To spark her creativity, she also studied landscape architecture. 

In addition to her design projects, Tünde continues to work outdoors where she finds inspiration in her love of nature. Her goals are to create places where people can slow down, let time go, and plant plants that increase biodiversity. She strives to constantly strengthen and share her knowledge of how people can live in harmony with nature, not against it. This is her ninth show garden at Bord Bia Bloom. 

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Tünde Perry

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