Savills Sanctuary

Savills Sanctuary

Alan Rudden

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Savills Sanctuary is a contemporary space with simplicity at its core, blending minimal architectural form with a green surround.  

At the centre of the garden, a large sunken seating area is sheltered by a cantilever pavilion. Feature walls cut through the space to create depth and mystery, with large multi-stem trees strategically placed to cast shadows across them throughout the day.  

A water rill runs from the back to the front of the garden and small cascades at each break in the wall are designed to fill the air with the sound of trickling water. The planting includes a mix of topiary and natural, unkept meadow grass with wildflowers. The overall scheme is subtle and elegant with a restrained material palette.

About the Designer

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Alan Rudden
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Alan Rudden

Designer Information

Alan Rudden is a Dublin-based garden designer and horticulturist with almost 20 years’ experience in the industry. He has won many accolades for his garden designs, including seven gold medals at Bord Bia Bloom and one at Hampton Court, London. 

Alan is in the process of expanding his design-only practice, building on his success to date. Savills Sanctuary is his eleventh garden at Bord Bia Bloom. 

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Alan Rudden
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