Embracing the Elements

Embracing the Elements


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About the Garden - Large Concept Garden

This large concept garden pays homage to the Irish climate. It honours the crucial role our climate plays in the quality and sustainability of our farming businesses, while recognising farmers’ responsibility to protect our natural resources and combat climate change.

The garden’s centrepiece – a large installation built from transparent, reflective boxes – is a sculptural ode to clouds and a metaphor for modern farming. Ireland is now a leader in dairy production technology as farmers turn to cloud-based platforms to help lower the carbon hoofprint of the dairy they produce.

Low walls and streams reflect the Irish landscape, while trees, hedgegrows and grasslands illustrate how native planting can help absorb CO2 emissions and increase biodiversity. Clover is an important component in grass pastures as it naturally reintroduces nitrogen into soil.

All of the garden’s materials are made from recycled polygood panels which were produced in Ukraine for The Good Plastic Company.

About the Designer

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Benny Magennis

Designer Information

Benny Magennis is a creative designer who is heavily involved in multiple disciplines, from landscape design and creative and visual art to product and furniture design. He creates concept installations for public spaces and company brands.

A graduate of the National School of Furniture in London (2011), Benny is a member of the Design & Craft Council of Ireland and has exhibited in New York, London, Paris, and China. This is his second show garden for Bord Bia Bloom. His Minions Garden for Universal Pictures Ireland won a silver medal in 2022.

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Benny Magennis

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