Green Initiatives at Bord Bia Bloom

Are you looking for more sustainable ways to enjoy Bloom? Bord Bia will implement a number of green initiatives at this year’s festival. 

 At Bord Bia Bloom we’re big on buses. Over 6,000 people took our shuttle buses from the gates of the Park to the festival on our busiest day in 2019, hopping on the three double decker buses and six coaches that ran every 20 minutes. This year we’re expanding the number of bicycle parking spaces, so more people can cycle to the festival if they live nearby. The Phoenix Park is a beautiful place for a cycle.

The Phoenix Park, home of Bord Bia Bloom 

 We are also working with our food vendors to eradicate single-use plastic. Food has been served in fully compostable packaging for the last five years which has enabled us to increase the amount of waste which can be composted at the event. Now all drinks for sale will be in cans, glass bottles or fully compostable containers too. Make sure to bring refillable water bottles as there will be a number of water points throughout the festival where you can stop and refill. 

 Bloom coincides with’s Food Waste Separation Week and the team will be on hand throughout the event, distributing free food waste separation packs to help you reduce food waste at home. Waste experts will give advice on everything from waste paint to single-use coffee cups and upcycling textiles. On the Bord Bia Quality Kitchen Stage, chefs will also be sharing tips on how to avoid food waste. All waste generated at Bloom is recycled, composted or converted to energy. No Bloom waste goes to landfill. 

 Our flagship show gardens are another great area to pick up ideas and they often showcase environmentally friendly practices and systems, such as rainwater collection, pollinator-friendly planting, habitats for wildlife, and greener building materials.  

 A number of our show gardens have been recycled and donated to worthy organisations over the years. In 2016, Goal’s Damascus Courtyard – War and Peace Garden was moved to a Syrian refugee centre in Monastarevin. Two years later, the Sanctuary Nurture Garden was transported to the nearby Phoenix Park Specialist School, while the Marie Keating Foundation Sun Smart Garden by the Hairy Gardeners was donated to the Solas Cancer Support Centre in Waterford. 

The Sanctuary Nurture Garden by Dominic O’Donoghue was donated to the Phoenix Park Specialist School in 2018 


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