Marie Keating Foundation’s ‘Catching Cancer Early’ Garden

Marie Keating Foundation’s ‘Catching Cancer Early’ Garden

Robert Moore

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This garden focuses on the importance of early detection and the positive outcomes and higher survivorship rates when cancer is diagnosed early. The garden places the individual at the centre of a journey, empowering them to look at their role in early detection.
The design features a charred boardwalk which represents the cancer journey. It floats through dense planting, allowing us to move through the garden, stopping at water bowls to pause and reflect. The large trees provide shelter and stillness while also representing strength and support, symbolising the role the Marie Keating Foundation plays for those on a cancer journey.
The planting represents the beauty, hope, and positivity of the garden and remains in stark contrast to the charred timber. It shows that despite cancer rates growing, if cancer is caught early, more people are surviving with new treatments and supports available.

About the Designer

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Robert Moore

Designer Information

Robert Moore has always been passionate about architecture, design, and outdoor spaces. Having studied in UCD and Bordeaux University, he spent time travelling and working, before returning to Ireland in 1998.
Robert’s mission is to merge ‘landscaping and lifestyle’, whether in a private or public setting. He delivers a unique and engaging experience both at a visual and interactive level.
Robert won a silver-gilt medal and the People’s Choice Award for his Memories Are Made of This – Dementia: Understand Together Garden in 2019. In 2022 his Enable Ireland Respite Garden received a silver medal.
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Robert Moore

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