Super Garden is Back!

 Super Garden returned to our TV screens last week and we can’t wait to see which designer will join us at Bord Bia Bloom over the June Bank Holiday weekend. This year we will have not one, but two exciting Super Garden show gardens at the event as 2020’s winner, MARK HOEY, finally gets his chance to bring his garden to Bloom.  

Over the last two years Mark Hoey has had time to think about his winning garden for Shelley Gaynor, a wheelchair user and independent living campaigner, and while he has made some adjustments to his designs for Bloom, the core theme of the garden remains the same. ‘First and foremost, the garden had to be accessible and that is still the case. We wanted to create a garden that was accessible but wasn’t immediately identifiable as a garden for someone with a disability. It should be a beautiful space that everyone can enjoy.’ 

Mark Hoey

Mark has maintained the contemporary, clean lines that were so popular in his initial design. ‘Shelley has limited use of her hands so she didn’t plan to garden herself but we wanted a place for her to sit in and relax with family and friends,’ he says. The result is the calming garden, named Reflections, which was influenced by Mark’s own experiences with his mental health and the importance of a having a place to retreat to. It features a restrained planting colour palette, a green-roofed garden room, and a pool that reflects the sky and planting. 


Though Mark advocates that gardening is hugely relaxing and beneficial to mental health, he admits to feeling nervous ahead of starting his build on site next month. ‘Am I excited? Yes and no. I’ve gone through a lot of emotions so far. I didn’t appreciate just how much work is involved in creating a show garden at Bloom, there is a massive amount of paperwork and organisation that you don’t see, but now that it is getting closer I am becoming more excited.’ 


Tune in to RTE 1 at 8.30pm on Thursdays to find out who else will create a Super Garden Show Garden at Bord Bia Bloom this year. To make sure you don’t miss the gardens in person book your tickets here.