Urban Roots Balcony

Urban Roots Balcony


About the Garden - Small Show Garden

Urban Roots is about the ability to create a calm and contemporary retreat within an urban balcony. It aims to provide a relaxing oasis amongst the cityscape. In the middle of the chaos and the busy lives, this space provides respite and an area to reflect and be calm. It is a space to enjoy art, modern furniture, and most importantly, planting.

The planting scheme mixes traditional bedding plants such as hostas and ferns with perennials such as achillea and ajuga. Grasses and foliage plants add extra interest and movement. As well as a range of herbaceous perennials and grasses, the living wall contains herbs, fruit, and vegetables.

A balcony is a small space but with well-chosen materials and planting it can be a wonderful opportunity to create a relaxing, peaceful environment.

About the Designer

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David Gallagher

Designer Information

David Gallagher is a landscape architect based in Dublin. He always had an interest in the natural world, architecture, and design, and chose landscape architecture as a profession as it is a wonderful combination of both.  

David believes the roles of landscape architects and gardeners has never been more important. This was evident during the recent lockdowns when our amenity spaces and public areas became vital to our wellbeing. 

This is David’s second show garden at Bord Bia Bloom. His first garden, An Gairdín Cuil, won a silver medal in 2012. 

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David Gallagher

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