Dream Gardens Comes to Bord Bia Bloom

If you enjoyed Easy Steps to Dream Gardens we have great news! This June, Bord Bia will be bringing two of the designs to life so you can see them in person at Bloom. We spoke to landscape architect and horticultural consultant JANE McCORKELL about her plans for the Nature Enthusiast’s Garden. 

 Nine-times gold Medal winner Jane McCorkell returns to Bord Bia Bloom this year to create the Nature Enthusiast’s Garden she designed for Bord Bia’s Easy Steps to Dream Gardens last year. She is excited at the prospect of creating a feature garden with a difference.  

‘This is not a traditional show garden in the sense that not all the plants are in bloom or at their best but we are eager for visitors to see the garden as it would be at this time of year should they decide to replicate elements of the design at home. The garden will be full of different plants and materials that will provide interest throughout the seasons and there will be something for everyone, no matter what your age or interest – whether you like to compost or house butterflies or just lie on the grass.’ 

Jane McCorkell 

Attainable Garden Design 

While designed differently to a traditional show garden, the quality will remain the same, says Jane. ‘It still has to be of a very high standard for visitors but the difference is that this design is based on the average garden owned by about 80% of the population and the design is 100% attainable for gardeners of all levels.’ 

 Themed a nature enthusiast’s garden, it is built on the principles of creating a sustainable space that encourages biodiversity, which is something that everyone can incorporate in their outdoor area, no matter how small, says Jane. ‘Watching media reports on the environment and climate change can be quite overwhelming and sometimes people can think it is too big a problem to tackle themselves but that doesn’t have to be the case. There are small steps you can take to make a difference. Everyone can fill a pot and sow a strawberry plant. You just need to go out and stick your hands in the soil and try it for yourself.’ 

Bord Bia is bringing the Nature Enthusiast’s Garden from Easy Steps to Dream Gardens to Bloom this year 

 If you would like to replicate Jane’s design at home you can find her plans for the Nature Enthusiast’s Garden here, which includes a useful guide to creating a feature border. ‘You don’t have to re-enact the whole design. Take one small element that you like and try it for yourself. A border is a great place to start and don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t work the way you plan the first time. Everyone is loses plants, even me. Gardening is all about trial and error but what’s most important is that you get out there and have fun with it.’ 

 Do you want to grow a nature-friendly border at home? Now is a great time to start! You can find all seven Dream Garden designs here. Along with Jane’s Nature Enthusiast’s Garden, Nicola Haines’ Shared Spaces Family Garden will be on show at Bord Bia Bloom this June.